Class Etiquette

It is expected that all RAD Ballet students wear proper ballet shoes and dancing attire.

In the lower grades (Beginners, Pre Primary and Primary) a pink capped sleeved leotard and pink/lavendar skirt are required as well as ballet shoes and either tights or ballet socks.

From Grade One onwards, students may wear coloured leotards of their choice with a waist elastic,  socks/tights and ballet shoes.  They are also required to have a pair of Character shoes from Grade One upwards.

Intermdiate Foundation and above do not use Character shoes, but instead use Pointe Shoes.

All of the gear mentioned above is available at the studio either first hand or second hand.  Please feel free to make an enquiry regarding any of this.

Hair is expected to be tied back tidily in all classes. From Grade Two onwards, it is required to be in a tidy ballet bun or a ponytail if hair is too short to make a bun.

Punctuality is important, and therefore all students are required to be on time for class. From Grade One onwards, the students are asked to join in to the preceeding class in order to warm their bodies up before their own class.

Contemporay students may wear comfortable clothing for class, but a leotard with black footless tights, leggings or shorts is recommended. There is no footwear required for these NZAMD Contemporary classes.

The studio itself also has some rules – due to the professional flooring, we ask that all street shoes are removed in the foyer. This is to ensure the flooring is not damaged.

Parents are welcome to watch class, but please remember that some students get distracted easily and so we ask you keep talking to a minimum at the back of the class. Please do not enter the studios until your child’s class has started out of respect to other students.