It is my philosophy as a teacher of Dance that all students have the ability to realise their own potential through the love of Dance.

I establish this early on with the Beginners class where through the aid of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) preschool syllabus I allow the young students freedom to discover a fun and exciting way of expressing themselves through active movement.

Once the young student moves out of the beginners class and into Pre-Primary there is an expectation that whilst fun and enjoyment continues to be an important ingredient, a more structured approach is used, with the set exercises learnt and repeated. These are the building blocks for future grades.

As the student works through the grades, he or she is actively encouraged to become more independent whilst still enjoying the style of teaching I have adopted. I work very hard to balance a happy environment with one that is also productive where both students and parents can see improvement and progress.

In order to embrace this I have developed this website for both existing and prospective students and their families of Dance West to ensure a greater understanding of the important aspects that contribute to a happy environment for all at Dance West.