Outstanding exam results 2014

CONGRATULATIONS to the following students who gained Distinction in their exams this year

Distinction in Vocational Exams:
Amanda Wang (Intermediate and Advanced Foundation), Shannon Spray (Intermediate) and Anna Hiew (Intermediate Foundation)

Distinction in Graded Exams:

Olivia Day (Grade 5), Jessica Luo (Grade 4), Lydia Majoe (Grade 4), Emily Verryt (Grade 4), Eloise Luff-Hansen (Grade 3), Cecilia Huang (Grade 1), Mayling Rousselle (Primary), Jaden Rousselle (Primary), Trixie Robinson (Primary), Poresha Yee (Primary), Katrina Liu (Primary), Dielle Goonasinghe (Primary), Ella Strange (Primary), Daniella O’Hara (Primary)

Contemporary – Honors or higher

Level One – Shannon Connell and Olivia Day
Level Four – Ellen Plumpton, Amy Cooper, Shannon Connell, Sam Harding and Jane Garelja.

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