Class Information

Hopefully you have read all about our teaching philosophy. The following sections have been developed to enable existing and prospective students and their families to have a greater understanding of the important aspects that contribute to a happy environment for all at Dance West.

Pre Registration 2019


Class Fees – RAD Ballet/NZAMD Contemporary

It has always been my intention that class fees are kept to a minimum. The reason for this is to ensure that all children no matter their background have an opportunity to attend ballet lessons. The fees are reviewed annually and are available at enrollment day held in January/February each year.

The fee structure is based on the actual times of each class. It would be appreciated if fees are paid within the first three weeks of each term. This can either be as cash, cheque or internet banking. If you wish to pay fees in installments this can also be arranged. A late penalty of 10% will now be added to those who have not paid within this first three weeks.

There is a 10% discount for two or more siblings attending Dance West.
There is also a discount for current students who refer a friend who then joins Dance West. This applies to one friend per year.

Beginners: $80 + gst
Pre Primary: $95 + gst
Primary: $95 + gst
Grade One: $95 + gst
Grade Two: $140 + gst
Grade Three: $140 + gst
Grade Four: $140 + gst
Grade Five: $140 + gst
Majors (Intermediate Foundation and above): $195+ gst
Stretch Class $5 casual or $45 for 10
NZAMD Contemp (if doing ballet) $80+gst
NZAMD Contemp only $110+gst
Junior Jazz $95+gst
Senior Jazz $120 + gst

Class Times:

Beginners – Grade One will still remain on Saturdays only. Grades Two – Five will have an additional class on Thursdays. All Vocational classes will have 3 classes a week and will need to attend stretch class in the 6months leading up to their vocational exam (dependent on which session they are entered for). **

(3 years old before 7th February 2019)
Saturday 9am
Pre Primary
(5 years old before 31st July 2019)
Saturday 9.30am
(6 years old before 31st August 2019)
Saturday 10.15am
Grade One
(7 years old before 31st August 2019)
Saturday 11am
Grade Two Thursday 3.45pm and Saturday 11.45am
Grade Three Thursday 4.30pm and Saturdat 12.30pm
Grade Four Thursday 5.15pm and Saturday 1.15pm
Grade Five Thursday 6pm and Saturday 2pm
Intermediate Foundation
(11 Years old from January 1st 2019)
Monday5.30pm, Thursday 6.45pm and Saturday 2.45pm
Intermediate Tuesday 3.34pm, Friday 5.15pm and Saturday 2pm
Advanced Foundation Monday 6.30pm, Wednesday 5.30pm and Saturday 3.30pm
Advanced One Monday 7.30pm, Wednesday 4.30pm, Saturday 3.30pm
Advanced Two Monday 4.30pm, Wednesday 6.30pm and Saturday 4.30pm
Stretch Class Junior (Grade 3 -5)
Friday 4.30pm-5.30pmSenior (All vocationals)
Friday 8pm

** Please note: These ages are a guideline only. There are specific regulations attached with the Royal Academy of Dance and these are followed first in all instances.


NZAMD Contemporary.

These classes will be for students aged 9 years and over.

Preparatory Friday 5.15pm
Level One Friday 6.00pm
Level Four Friday 7.00pm
Solo Seal Friday 8.45pm

GDQ Jazz.

Foundation One (Previously Beginners) Tuesday 4.30pm
Development One (Previously Grade One) Tuesday 5pm
Development Three (Previously Grade Three) Tuesday 6.00pm
Extension Three
(Previously Grade 5/Intermediate/Advanced)
Tuesday 7.30pm

Private Lessons for Competitions:

Privates are by invitation only. These are for competition dances and are $20 per 30 minutes plus $5 per competition for each costume (hired from Dance West). These times will be sent out to all current and invited students in January 2019.


Studio hire for current students:

All current Dance West students have the opportunity to hire the studios for private practice on Sundays and weekdays if available.
Please contact Yasmin direct to book this.