Change in classes – start of Term 3

Yasmin is away in Sydney from the 23rd-28th July.

Classes are as follows for the first two weeks of Term 3

Monday 21st July: Grade Three 3.45pm, Grade Four 4.30pm, Grade Five 5.15pm
Tuesday 22nd July: Intermediate 4.30pm, Advanced Foundation 5.30pm
Wednesday 23rd July: NO CLASSES
Thursday 24th July: NO CLASSES
Friday 25th July: Stretch 4.30pm, Level One Contemp 5.30pm, Level Four Contemp 6.30pm (Shannon taking these)
Saturday 26th July: NO CLASSES
Sunday 27th July: NO CLASSES
Monday 28th July: Grade Five 4.00pm,  Grade Four 4.45pm, Advanced One/Two 5.30pm
Tuesday 29th July: As usual
Wednesday 30th July: As usual
Thursday 31st July: NO CLASSES
Friday 1st August: Grade Three 4.30pm (no stretch), Level One Contemp 5.30pm, Level Four Contemp 6.30pm

From this date onwards, all classes are as per usual


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