Studio Update #1

New Studio Update:

Work on the new studios is well underway. Thanks to a team of Dads, the interal wall was taken down in one day. The Electricians have started their work, and this Saturday (4th/5th May) some of the new internal walls will be started. The upstairs dressing rooms, kitchen, toilets and Dance Wear room will get a fresh splash of paint too.

The hope is that we can move in for the start of Term 3 and then hold our Junior Graded exams in there in August.


(above: Old wall in; and old wall coming down)


(above: Internal wall now gone; props, plans and dust)

Junior Graded Exams

As discussed on the last day of term, these exams (held in August this year), will need to be entered shortly after Term 3 recommences. Please see Yasmin as soon as possible if you have not already to discuss if you child is eligable to sit the exam (in particular the Pre Primary and Primary students). Please also make the full payment to Yasmin or Lisa-May by the 18th May.

If you are going to be away for the exam session, or do not feel you wish your child to sit, please also let Yasmin know as she will be working out exam sets and timings around current class numbers.

May Vocational Exams

On the 19th May, the first session of Vocational Exams kick off.

Good Luck to the following:
Grace Burton-Mckiech (Int Found) 19th May
Samantha Harding (Int Found) 21st May
Kaitlyn Parry and Stevie Barker (Int) 21st May
Hanna Ettles, Linkha Pitcher and Michael Tuhiga-Efaraimo (Int) 23rd May
Amanda Wang and Sky Fisher-Nisho (Int Found) 24th May

Term 2 Start Dates

Term 2 recommences on Monday May 6th.
We are still taking new enrollments, so please contact us if you wish to get more information regarding enrolling.

Latest News

Congratulations to Amanda Wang – placing 25th out of 128 in the Alanah Haines Australasian Awards held in Wellington over Easter. She has recently been awarded a small scholarship as well as part of this success.

Thursday 28th March – Monday 1st April: NO CLASSES – Mid Term Easter Break due to 12 week term



Currently, Dance West has a conditional agreement on a lease for a property for a new studio. If everything falls into place, we could be moving in in Term 3.
The property is at 43 Keeling Road – very close to our current studio.
The school has grown so much in the last year that we felt we needed to explore options to find us a bigger home. If we go unconditional, we will need help from as many families as possible in a giant working bee before construction of walls and the specialist flooring goes down.
If anyone has contacts or works in the trades, please let Yasmin or Lisa-May know.


Genee Challenge 2012

On Sunday 23rd September, two Dance West students had the opportunity to participate in the West Auckland/North Shore/Northland class of the Genee Challenge.  This is a regional competition held in conjunction with the RAD Genee International Competition. (see for more info)

Amanda Wang (now Intermediate Foundation) and Jane Garelja (Advanced Foundation) were in the Level One and Level 3 classes respectively and had the opoortunity (if they were named a finalist) to travel to Wellington in December to compete in the Genee Challenge Final.

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Amanda who was placed first in her class and is now a finalist.  We will be travelling to Wellington on the 13th December for her final on the 14th. Well done to Jane also for a fantastic effort in a hard class.


On the 13th December, Amanda, her Mum, Jane, my Mum and I all flew down to Wellington. Amanda competed with 12 others in her age group on Friday 14th. She didn’t win her class, but danced outstadingly in front of a packed audience. She then got to stand on stage with Lynn Wallis (Artistic Director of the RAD) and Li Cunxin (Mao’s Last Dancer) as the awards were given out. Congratulations to Amanda for her hard work in leading up to this very prestigious event.