Enrollment Day 2016

Saturday January 30th from 10am – 1pm
Dance West Studios
43 Keeling Road

A range of new and second hand gear will be available.
Pure Dance Ballet Barre will also be on site to help with all shoes

Annual Concert 2015 – wrap up

Congratulations to all involved with the concert over the weekend!

A special congratulations to the following who received awards for their progress over the year.

Most Improved Contemporary Dancer: John White
Beginners Award: Reese Zarzoso
Most Promising Junior School Student: Danielle David
Most Promising Middle School Student: Winter Rhodes
Most Promising Senior School Student: Amanda Wang
Dance West Scholarship 2015: Ellen Plumpton

Photos of the show will be up asap!

Outstanding exam results 2014

CONGRATULATIONS to the following students who gained Distinction in their exams this year

Distinction in Vocational Exams:
Amanda Wang (Intermediate and Advanced Foundation), Shannon Spray (Intermediate) and Anna Hiew (Intermediate Foundation)

Distinction in Graded Exams:

Olivia Day (Grade 5), Jessica Luo (Grade 4), Lydia Majoe (Grade 4), Emily Verryt (Grade 4), Eloise Luff-Hansen (Grade 3), Cecilia Huang (Grade 1), Mayling Rousselle (Primary), Jaden Rousselle (Primary), Trixie Robinson (Primary), Poresha Yee (Primary), Katrina Liu (Primary), Dielle Goonasinghe (Primary), Ella Strange (Primary), Daniella O’Hara (Primary)

Contemporary – Honors or higher

Level One – Shannon Connell and Olivia Day
Level Four – Ellen Plumpton, Amy Cooper, Shannon Connell, Sam Harding and Jane Garelja.

Exams and Dancers of the Month

Belated congrats to the following Students for their achievements in Term Two:

  • Stevie Barker and Kaitlyn Parry – both passed Advanced Foundation
  • M’ryah Atama – passed Intermediate Foundation
  • Amanda Wang (Intermediate) and Anna Hiew (Intermediate Foundation) who both gained distinction in their exams

Dancers of the Month:

  • May – M’ryah Atama (Int Found)
  • June – MonaLisa Mauga (Pre Primary)

Good luck to the following students who have vocational exams in the coming weeks

  • Amanda, Hanna and Linkha  (Advanced Foundation)
  • Dabria, Chontel, Sky, Sam, Ellen, Izzy, Shannon and Rina (Intermediate)

All Junior Exams are on the 28th and 29th August

Change in classes – start of Term 3

Yasmin is away in Sydney from the 23rd-28th July.

Classes are as follows for the first two weeks of Term 3

Monday 21st July: Grade Three 3.45pm, Grade Four 4.30pm, Grade Five 5.15pm
Tuesday 22nd July: Intermediate 4.30pm, Advanced Foundation 5.30pm
Wednesday 23rd July: NO CLASSES
Thursday 24th July: NO CLASSES
Friday 25th July: Stretch 4.30pm, Level One Contemp 5.30pm, Level Four Contemp 6.30pm (Shannon taking these)
Saturday 26th July: NO CLASSES
Sunday 27th July: NO CLASSES
Monday 28th July: Grade Five 4.00pm,  Grade Four 4.45pm, Advanced One/Two 5.30pm
Tuesday 29th July: As usual
Wednesday 30th July: As usual
Thursday 31st July: NO CLASSES
Friday 1st August: Grade Three 4.30pm (no stretch), Level One Contemp 5.30pm, Level Four Contemp 6.30pm

From this date onwards, all classes are as per usual


14th and 15th March – No classes

Due to Chris (my partner in crime) competing in an Ultra Marathon (100km) on the 15th March in Rotorua, there are no classes on these days. I will however still be holding classes on the 19th April (Easter Saturday) to ensure the term has had 10 weeks of lessons.

Enrollment Day 2014

Enrollment day 2014 is scheduled for the 1st February at the Dance West Studios, 43 Keeling Road.

A selection of First and Second hand gear will be on sale, and we hope that Pure Dance Ballet Barre will also be present to sell ballet shoes etc.
DVDs from the 2013 concert will be ready for pick up for those who have pre-ordered, plus there will be some extra for those of you who might have forgotten to order them.

We endeavour to have EFTPOS available for this day.

Term one starts on Monday 3rd February and finishes on Thursday 17th April inclusive.

Studo update #3

New Studio Update:

We have moved in!!!
After weeks of work, and a final push last week, we are now in our new home – 43 Keeling Road, Henderson.


There are still some things to be completed – walls to be painted and doors between the studios to go in, but for now… we are in!

Studio Update #2

New Studio Update:

So… we are close to being able to move into the studio. A massive thanks to those who have already helped, and those who continue to help. We couldn’t have done it without you!

There is still some work to be done, and from the 27th, we will be working overtime to make sure it is ready for the Junior Exams on the 5th and 7th August. If you are available to help, please let Lisa-May know.

Here is a teaser of the studio building in progress.

Above: In the process of building; big walls, toilets, new flooring going down.

Above: As at 15th July 2013. Flooring down and part sanded. View from Studio 1.

Above: View from studio 2 as at 15th July 2013.

Exams Exams Exams

We have had some great results this year already in our vocational exams. Congratulations to those who sat an exam in May and passed. (picture below)

August is a very busy month. Along with moving into the new studio, we have the majority of the school sitting an exam.

August 5th: Junior Exam Day 1August 7th: Junior Exam Day 2
August 9th: Intermediate Foundation Exam
August 26th: Advanced Foundation and Advanced 1 Exams in Hamilton.